Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am so very confused about California's recent law:
"Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday signed AB 1266, which says schools must allow a student to participate in sex-segregated programs, athletics and to use facilities 'consistent with his or her gender identity, irrespective of the gender listed on the pupil's records.' "  [source:]

So if you are transgendered, you have, lets say boy parts, but you wish you had girl parts.  Because you wish you had girl parts you get to shower with all of the other people who have the girl parts you wish you had?

Won't that cause jealousy because the girls with girl parts have girl parts and you wish you had girl parts.

Aren't transgendered people already dealing with enough confusion and difficulty?

I am sure I am missing something here.

Also from the story:  "In July, the federal civil rights offices settled a case forcing the Arcadia School District in Southern California to protect transgender student rights. The district barred a middle school student who identified as a boy from using a boys bathroom and a boys cabin on an overnight field trip."

So a young lady who believes she should be a boy needs to pee.  She wants to pee with the boys.  Why shouldn't she be able to pee with the boys?  Well, she doesn't pee like the boys do.  Most females I know have at one time or another wished they could pee cleanly standing up.  It just doesn't work.  Even animals pee differently depending on their gender.

Will the boy's restrooms have to have Kotex dispensers in them now?  Did anyone actually think this through?

I know I am rowing against the tide here, but what is next, someone feels like they are the wrong specie and they get to run around with the skunks, bears or lions.  My guess is they wouldn't survive long.

I don't see myself as a prude, I just do not see the wisdom in this decision.  Sure it makes a segment of the voting public "feel good".  It is also an infringement on other people's rights.  Maybe we are moving toward what exists in other countries.  Public toilets out in the open.  What difference does it matter anyway...

Lets just put troughs in the middle of the school and everyone can toilet the way they see fit.  That way there is no distinction and no 'discrimination'.

I am now looking for an island to buy.

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