Thursday, January 15, 2015

The world and weeds

It seems like so many politicians are tiptoeing around the problem.  This is particularly true with politicians in the USA.  President Obama chose to boycott the solidarity march in Paris this week.  The administration is afraid to speak honestly about the problem.  They keep finding "soft" words to describe what is happening.

I believe that these terror attacks will continue until we define the problem and have a plan to remediate the problem.  It is like weeds.  When plants first start to sprout, it can be difficult to know what kind of plant is growing.  Once you identify they type of plant, you have to decide if you want that plant growing where it is.  If you don't want it to grow there, it is a weed.

You can put the plant in a different place and nurture it because you like the plant.  You can destroy the plant where it is because you know you don't want it there.  You can let it continue to grow and call it something "nice" and hope that it doesn't take over your garden, yard or field.

Renaming and wishing have never gotten the job done for me.  That is what the USA politicians are doing.  They hope that by renaming evil, it will become nice and blend in well or contribute to the garden.  Just talk nicely to it and it will be nice to you.


This is the weed I am thinking about  -------> 
It is commonly called a Star Thistle.  According to this government site it is not native to North America.
This is what the site says about this plant.

Native To: Eurasia (Zouhar 2002)
Date of U.S. Introduction: 1800s (Zouhar 2002)

Means of Introduction: Accidentally through contaminated seed (Zouhar 2002)
Impacts: Crowds out native species; toxic to horses (Zouhar 2002)
Scientific name: Centaurea solstitialis L.
Common names: Yellow star thistle, geeldissel, golden star thistle, St. Barnaby's thistle, yellow centaury, yellow cockspur

This is a damaging and invasive plant.  This is what the USA government does regarding this plant: 
Yup, they "study" it.  That is also what is being done about the terrorist issue.  It is being studied.  In the mean time this invasive, toxic and destructive "plant" is spreading, causing damage and destruction.

Wake up and get the weed spray!

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